How To Seed Bomb

Each of our Seed Bombs are handmade by us, using a specially selected mix of native wildflowers to support British wildlife and make your outside space beautiful. 

 We use a natural mix of topsoil and red clay powder which combine to create a protective covering around the wildflower seeds and provide them with all the nutrients that they need to grow and thrive.

Sowing instructions:

1) Find an area of earth, clear of weeds and grass. 

2) Scatter your seed bombs in that area (seed bombs do not need burying!)

3) Water the area well to help the protective casing breakdown

4) Let Mother Nature do the rest!


It is absolutely fine to scatter your seed bombs freely, however, if you would prefer to place your seed bombs, or when planting in a flowerpot, we would recommend placing each seed bomb around 10cm apart.


Seed bombs can be used all year round, however, for best results we do recommend use in Spring or Autumn as weather conditions are optimum then.

 We use a mix of annual and perennial species in our seed bombs to give a burst of colour in the first year but, importantly, will allow your wildflower patch to grow and establish itself further year after year.

For more information on the seed mixes we use for each of our seed bombs - check out our product pages.