Which wildflower species do you use in your seed bombs?

We use several different mixes of UK native wildflowers for our seed bombs - please check out our product pages for the exact mix used in each.

How long will my seed bombs take to grow?

All seeds grow at different speeds and are affected by weather conditions, however, we would expect germination to begin within 2 weeks of scattering. If you are not seeing any growth in this time it may be due to a lack of water so give those seed bombs are light water for a couple of days and you should start to see results! 

Many of our mixes use a variety of annual and perennial species to give colour in the first year from the annuals and then with the perennials coming into their own in the 2nd year onwards. 

Wildflowers can take some time to fully establish but once grown their blooms can last from May through to October and are certainly worth the wait! 

How do I use my seed bombs?

We have designed our seed bombs to be as easy to use as possible, however, for more detailed instructions please check out our 'How To Seed Bomb' page.