About Us

During 2020, we spent more time outside than we ever had before and noticed how there were significantly less bees, butterflies and wildflowers than there were just a few years ago. Wondering whether this was a coincidence we explored the issue further and discovered that 97% of the UK's wildflower meadows have been lost since in the past century. 

This decline has a huge impact on British wildlife as the less diversity we have in our natural habitats, then the less bees, birds, animals and other insects there will be. 

Over a couple of glasses of wine and a cheese platter, with the simple aim of making wildflower growing easy and fun whilst looking great at the same time, Hello Petal was born.

Through focusing on encouraging, and raising the awareness of, the use of seed bombs as a rewilding technique, we have developed a product that is not only fun, easy to use and cost effective but one that delivers great results both aesthetically and environmentally.

By choosing to use seed bombs and create wildflower areas in your space, you are helping regrow some of the UK's lost habitats and supporting the bees, butterflies and other wildlife that rely on them to survive and thrive.